Aerosmith’s MusiCares Tribute Lines Up Foo Fighters, Jonas Brothers, Yola, & More

Every year, just before the Grammys, the Recording Academy picks a big, iconic star to honor at the MusiCares Person Of The Year benefit gala. A couple of months ago, the Academy announced that Aerosmith will be the belles of this year’s ball. (Steven Tyler actually made the announcement a little early during an Aerosmith show in Las Vegas, which seems like a perfectly Aerosmith thing to do.) Today, the Academy has unveiled a bunch of the people who will be involved in the show.

None of the inclusions are especially surprising. This is a Grammy-adjacent tribute concert, and certain artists show up to every single one of these things. This time, we’re getting a slightly more hard-rock version of that lineup. Aerosmith’s peer Alice Cooper — Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s bandmate in the side project Hollywood Vampires — will be involved, and so will reliable ’70s rock lovers Foo Fighters. The Jonas Brothers will also take part, and it’s hard to imagine what Aerosmith song they might cover. Relative newcomers Yola and Emily King, both of whom could easily become Grammy regulars, are on board as well.

The show is also set to include Grammy regulars John Legend, John Mayer, Gary Clark Jr., and H.E.R. I hope all of them do “Love In An Elevator.” I hope it’s just a full night of “Love In An Elevator” covers. The show goes down 1/24, two days before the Grammys.