Donald Glover Joins Andrew Yang Campaign As Creative Consultant

Donald Glover surprised a lot of people Wednesday when he announced a pop-up fundraiser supporting Andrew Yang’s longshot bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. After Thursday’s event, the Yang Gang revealed something even more surprising: Glover is joining their ranks in an official capacity.

As The Hill reports, the man otherwise known as Childish Gambino has signed on to be a “creative consultant” for the Yang campaign. At the moment we have no further details as to what the arrangement entails, but Thursday’s pop-up — at which Yang sold signed merchandise designed by Glover’s team, including sweatshirts, hats, and posters — apparently marked the beginning of that relationship.

In related news, Yang, who famously(?) aims to be “the first ex-goth president” and has big-upped the titans of ’80s and ’90s alt-rock in interviews, was asked his favorite Childish Gambino song at Thursday’s pop-up. He reportedly replied “This Is America,” which is an extremely basic answer, but also not necessarily wrong. Other acceptable responses include “Redbone” and “Telegraph Ave. (“Oakland” By Lloyd).”

So… what will happen first: Andrew Yang winning the presidency or the final Childish Gambino album coming out?