Watch Slowthai & Mura Masa Make One Hell Of A US TV Debut On Fallon

Watch Slowthai & Mura Masa Make One Hell Of A US TV Debut On Fallon

The last time Northampton rap troublemaker Slowthai performed on UK TV, he ended his performance by hoisting the (fake) severed head of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The guy knows how to make an impression. Last night, Slowthai and collaborator Mura Masa made their American TV debuts, performing together on The Tonight Show. Slowthai did not metaphorically assassinate any world leaders this time, but he did bring the same kind of chaos as Odd Future brought to Jimmy Fallon’s show once upon a time.

Slowthai recently teamed up with the young UK producer Mura Masa on the single “Deal Wiv It.” On Fallon, Mura Masa didn’t do the usual producer thing. Instead, he played guitar in what amounted to a rock band. Slowthai, meanwhile, roamed all around the Fallon set. He stripped off his sweater. He leapt up on Fallon’s desk and rapped directly into his face. He jumped on Fallon’s couch and then laid back on it, still rapping, like he was about to take a nap. He must’ve scared at least a few people in that studio audience. He might’ve even startled Fallon, who ended the performance by draping his suit jacket over Slowthai’s shoulders.

Slowthai has some truly great demonic facial expressions and some even better bad tattoos. He is already proving to be a wonderful chaos agent. Both Mura Masa and Slowthai are playing a whole lot of festivals this summer; it’ll be fun to see what Slowthai gets up to at those. Watch the performance below.

Mura Masa’s R.Y.C. album is out now on Geffen. Slowthai’s Nothing Great About Britain is out now on True Panther/Method.

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