Everything Is Recorded – “3:15AM/CAVIAR” (Feat. Ghostface Killah & Infinite Coles)

XL Recordings co-founder Richard Russell released his debut full-length as Everything Is Recorded back in 2018, and he’s already ready to put out another one. His sophomore album, FRIDAY FOREVER, is due out in April, and it’s themed around the Friday night experience — each track title is attributed to a different time, from 9:46PM through 11:59AM. That’s quite a long night.

The album isn’t quite as star-studded as his first, but it still has a ton of guests that show off his curatorial talents as a label head. It boasts features from A. K. Paul, Crass’ Penny Rimbaud, and Ghostface Killah. The latter is on the track that Russell is sharing today, “03:15AM/CAVIAR,” and he raps alongside fellow New Yorker Infinite Coles.

“03:15AM/CAVIAR” will appear on the album alongside two previously released tracks, “10:51PM/THE NIGHT” and “12:12AM/PATIENTS.”

Listen to it below.

01 “09:46PM/EVERY FRIDAY THEREAFTER (Intro)” (Feat. Maria Somerville & Berwyn)
02 “10:51PM/THE NIGHT” (Feat. Berwyn & Maria Somerville)
03 “12:12AM/PATIENTS (FUCKING UP A FRIDAY)” (Feat. Aitch & Infinite Coles)
04 “01:32AM/WALK ALONE” (Feat. Infinite Coles & Berwyn)
06 “03:15AM/CAVIAR” (Feat. Ghostface Killah & Infinite Coles)
07 “04:21AM/THAT SKY” (Feat. Maria Somerville & James Massiah)
08 “05:10AM/DREAM I NEVER HAD” (Feat. A. K. Paul)
09 “09:35AM/PRETENDING NOTHINGS WRONG” (Feat. Kean Kavanagh)
10 “10:02AM/BURNT TOAST” (Feat. Berwyn & A. K. Paul)
11 “11:55AM/THIS WORLD” (Feat. Infinite Coles & Maria Somerville)
12 “11:59AM/CIRCLES (Outro)” (Feat. Penny Rimbaud)

FRIDAY FOREVER is out 4/3 via XL Recordings. Pre-order here. Russell’s memoir, Liberation Through Hearing: Rap, Rave And The Rise Of XL Recordings, is out the day before.