Disq – “Gentle”

Though Disq have existed in some form since the principal members were in their early teens, they still feel like one of those young and exciting groups who seem to rocket up out of nowhere. They first caught our attention with some singles for Saddle Creek’s Document series, and we soon named them a Band To Watch thanks to their hooky, scraggly take on classicist indie rock. So it was exciting news when it turned out the band was gearing up to release their debut Collector next month, and it’s exciting each time we get to hear a new song from it.

So far, the band has previewed Collector by way of lead single “Daily Routine.” Today, they are back with another one called “Gentle.” Written and sung by band member Logan Severson, it documents a struggle with both mental and physical health. Here’s what Severson had to say about it:

In early 2019 my health was rapidly declining. I was losing weight quickly, my head was in a constant fog, and I was feeling very weak. When I went to the doctor, they came up with a few haphazard ideas, but had no real answers for me. These complications culminated in a loss of consciousness, as well as momentarily losing my eyesight (and control over my body) in the crowd of a Mitski concert in Madison that spring.

In the weeks after returning from urgent care, I reflected more intently on my health and what could be causing me to feel so terribly. I realized how poorly I’d been dealing with the aspects of my life that had been troubling me, and how fragile my mental and emotional state had really become. Instead of facing my problems and insecurities I chose to ignore them, coping through unhealthy habits. I was creating a vicious cycle of numbing myself to the root of my distress, only to then be confused as to why I felt so bad. Through this experience, I realized the true gravity of the intersection between my mental, emotional, and physical well being. This song is about discovering that connection, and trying to uncover how I fell into these tendencies that cause me harm.

Musically, “Gentle” travels some of the same grungy, catchy, ’90s-alt-rock-indebted roads of other Disq singles. But it’s also emotive and heavy enough to capture the internal strife that inspired Severson to write it. Check it out below.

Collector is out 3/6 via Saddle Creek. Pre-order it here.

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