S.H.I.T. – “Hidden In Eternity” & “Eraser III”

S.H.I.T. – “Hidden In Eternity” & “Eraser III”

The Toronto band S.H.I.T. have been making fast, frantic, ugly hardcore punk for the better part of a decade. Their sound — raw, grimy, urgent, caked in reverb — gives them a powerful combination of mystery and relentless intensity. They sound like some band you found on an unmarked cassette in your sketchy cousin’s storage unit — some undiscovered blurt from the past — but that’s not what they are. They’re right now. They’re working.

S.H.I.T. released a really good album called What Do You Stand For? a couple of years ago. Today, with a few European tour dates coming up, they’ve come out blasting with two new songs, “Hidden In Eternity” and “Eraser III.” Both songs feel like running at top speed into walls of mud. They’re majestic in their messiness.

Actual professional musicians worked on both “Hidden In Eternity” and “Eraser III.” Jonah Falco, the Fucked Up/Career Suicide member who has recently been producing UK punk records like Chubby And The Gang’s Speed Kills, mixed both songs. The Power Trip/Pissed Jeans producer and War Hungry guitarist Arthur Rizk mastered them. But those guys don’t stop S.H.I.T. from sounding like the kind of band who would name themselves S.H.I.T. Check out both songs below.

You can get both “Hidden In Eternity” and “Eraser III” from the S.H.I.T. Bandcamp. If you’re in London, they’re playing Static Shock Weekend in March. They’re also playing Barcelona’s Associacio Cultural 2/29 with Puñal, Chroma, and La Llàgrima, and they’re playing Ίδρυμα 2.14 in Athens 3/4 with Dark Thoughts and Lifewreck.

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