Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – “Expanding Electrity”

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – “Expanding Electrity”

Since her 2017 album The Kid, experimental musician Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith has founded the multidisciplinary label Touchtheplants and focused on various other projects. But now she’s returning with a new album called The Mosaic Of Transformation, which she describes as “my expression of love and appreciation for electricity.” Although she’s not a dancer, Smith taught herself “a visual language” of improvisatory movement while writing and recording the LP, using cymatics “as a reference for how frequencies can be visualized” like a mosaic.

“The inspiration came to me in a sudden bubble of joy,” Smith explains in a statement. “It was accompanied by a multitude of shapes that were moving seamlessly from one into the other…My movement practice has been a constant transformation piece by piece. I made this album in the same way. Every day I would transform what I did yesterday…into something else. This album has gone through about 12 different versions of itself.”

Today, Smith is sharing “Expanding Electricity,” the massive 10-minute song-suite that closes The Mosaic of Transformation. The track shifts from a symphonic opening to burbling synth arpeggios to a new age vocal zone-out full of synthesized vibraphone…and that’s just over the course of the first three minutes. Fall into “Expanding Electricity” and expand your brain below.

01 “Unbraiding Boundless Energy Within Boundaries”
02 “Remembering”
93 “Understanding Body Messages”
04 “The Steady Heart”
05 “Carrying Gravity”
06 “The Spine Is Quiet In The Center”
07 “Overflowing”
08 “Deepening The Flow Of”
09 “Expanding Electricity”

The Mosaic of Transformation is out 5/15 on Ghostly International.

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