Ellis – “March 13″

We named Ellis an Artist To Watch in 2018 on the strength of her The Fuzz, an EP that grounded its dream-pop sprawl in DIY grit. Since then Linnea Siggelkow has signed to Fat Possum, with a proper debut album called Born Again on the way. The title seems appropriate given how early singles “Fall Apart” and “Embarrassing” present Ellis’ sound washed clean while retaining its essence, comparable to the way her former Fat Possum label-mate Soccer Mommy developed on color theory.

On new single “March 13,” though, Ellis returns to the haze. That sense that you’re hearing a broadcast from a supernatural realm is back, but this time Siggelkow is seated at a piano lamenting a godawful birthday eve four years ago this month. In a press release, she elaborates, “‘March 13′ plays right after the last single ‘Embarrassing’ on the track listing, and is a reflection on a night that I did embarrass myself. I acted badly and put someone I cared about in an unnecessary and uncomfortable situation, but refused to admit at the time that I was out of line.”

Ellis debuted the song on Instagram last week — naturally, on March 13 — and today it sees official release. Listen below.

Born Again is out 4/3 on Fat Possum. Pre-order it here.

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