Kohti Tuhoa – “Taas Sivussa” & “Elä Totuudesta”

Kohti Tuhoa – “Taas Sivussa” & “Elä Totuudesta”

You know what sounds really good during this bleak-ass historical moment? Like incredibly good? Motherfucking Finnish crust punk. For the past few years, the Helsinki band Kohti Tuhoa have been on an absolute rampage, making blistering grime-flecked D-beat, music so fast and feral that anger and anxiety merge into one vast roiling whole. They make cathartic end-times music, and this is a good time for cathartic end-times music. So it brings me great pleasure to announce that they’ve got a new EP coming out.

In 2017, Kohti Tuhoa absolutely kicked my ass with their Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta album. (It wasn’t their first, but it was the first one that I’d heard.) Last year, they followed that one up with the LP Ihmisen Kasvot. Now, just eight months later, they’re already about to come out with the new five-song EP Elä Totuudesta. (That title is Live The Truth. Kohti Tuhoa only sing in Finnish, a language that sounds extremely good when snarled over urgently buzzing guitars.)

Over the weekend, Kohti Tuhoa shared two songs from the new EP: “Taas Sivussa” (Finnish for “Again On The Side”) and the title track. They’re both exciting, hard-ripping, pissed-off ragers. I have no idea what Kohti Tuhoa are singing about, but they sound like they mean it. Check out both songs below.

The Elä Totuudesta EP is out 5/15 on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos.

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