Arkansas’ “Socially Distant” Travis McCready Concert Postponed 3 Days

Tomorrow, in Arkansas, Travis McCready of the country-rock band Bishop Gunn was going to play the first proper live concert since the coronavirus pandemic hit. But now, Pitchfork reports, the show has been postponed for three days following a cease and desist order from the Arkansas Department Of Health and a summary suspension of the venue’s liquor license.

The TempleLive theater, where the concert was set to take place, was planning to enforce some social distancing measures, including reducing the venue’s 1100-person capacity to 229 seats separated into “fan pods” six feet apart and requiring face masks and temperature checks on entry. But Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said that the event still did not comply with the Department Of Health’s directives, which did not clear indoor venues to resume live shows until 5/18.

TempleLive announced the postponement during a press conference at the venue today. Spokesman Mike Brown said the concert would be moved to 5/18 “against our will.” Lance Beaty, owner of Beaty Capital Group which owns and manages TempleLive, added that the state’s decision was based on politics and power and not science. While the governor’s directive also limits shows to 50 people or less, TempleLive indicated that they are seeking approval for a larger capacity at the Travis McCready show.