Black Dresses – “888db Cloud” (100 gecs Cover)

Black Dresses – “888db Cloud” (100 gecs Cover)

In the world of ADD mutant noise-pop, game recognize game. Last year, 100 gecs had a massive online breakout with their self-titled debut album. That’s led to Charli XCX collaborations and to the group putting together their own music festival in Minecraft. And today, the likeminded duo Black Dresses have offered up their own spin on one of 100 gecs’ signature songs.

Black Dresses, the similarly experimental Toronto duo, have been plenty busy on their own lately. Last month, they released their Peaceful As Hell album. Just this past weekend, Black Dresses member Devi McCallion released the new album Crap Shit under her Girls Rituals alter-ego. And now Black Dresses have come out with their own take on “888db Cloud,” the 100 gecs song with the line about “I might go and throw my phone into the lake, yeah.”

If anything, Black Dresses have made the song even more jagged and disorienting. Their garbled 92-second version switches up genres with even more whiplash insanity, and it also throws out a bunch of the lyrics, with Black Dresses coming up with their own versions: “I jerk the fuck off in your weed dab! I’m pretty, cure the bones in the forest!” Check out the videos for the Black Dresses cover and the 100 gecs original below.

Black Dresses’ version of “800db Cloud” is a free download at Bandcamp.

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