Succession’s “L To The OG” Is Finally On Streaming Services

Toward the end of season two of the HBO show Succession, goofus son Kendall Roy raps at a party honoring his media mogul father. That rap, dubbed “L To the OG” (short for Logan Roy, the father in question), has finally made its way to streaming services and will hopefully be racing up the charts soon enough. (If Ariana and Justin can do it… the Roys have more than six credit cards!)

In a new interview with Vulture, Jeremy Strong (who plays Logan) and the show’s composer Nicholas Britell talked about how the rap came together. “We watched this Instagram video of Mikey Hess, a billionaire oil heir, who celebrated his 40th birthday by rapping on stage with Nelly. It’s quite committed and good. He’s doing it with conviction,” Strong said in the interview. “It clicked for me when I saw that.”

Britell explained that he based the beat on something that he made in college, a remix of a Bach prelude, and that he pulled from old-school hip-hop because he figured that’s what Kendall would have listened to. “There’s a duality at the heart of the show, which is something that I think about all the time with regards to the music,” Britell said. “The show doesn’t just live in one emotional or conceptual university. It has a seriousness and a gravitas, but also it completely leans into its absurdity at times. The first thing Jesse said to me about this idea for a rap track was that it has to be both cringeworthy and really well executed.”

Hear the studio version of “L To The OG” below.

And, hey, there’s an instrumental, too:

Here’s the original scene from the show:

The “L To The OG” rap is included on the Succession: Season 2 soundtrack, which is out soon via WaterTower Music. Previously, Pusha T rapped over the Succession theme song.