Mike Polizze – “Wishing Well”

Take comfort in the fact that even in this dark time, Paradise Of Bachelors is still out here releasing extremely pretty acoustic guitar music. Mike Polizze, longtime leader of the Philadelphia band Purling Hiss, is about to release his first solo album, Long Lost Solace Find, through the label, and it, too, is extremely pretty. Polizze recorded the LP with Philly super-friend Kurt Vile, and early singles “Revelation” and “Cheewawa” gave a solid impression of Polizze’s appealingly easygoing new folk-rock sound. Today he’s sharing another new song, “Wishing Well,” an absolutely lovely fingerpicked reverie; hear it below.

Long Lost Solace Find is out 7/31 on Paradise Of Bachelors. Pre-order it from the label or elsewhere.