Yellowcard Drop Their Lawsuit Against Juice WRLD

In October of last year, the former members of the band Yellowcard issued a lawsuit against the then-ascendent Juice WRLD. The band claimed that Juice WRLD, otherwise known as Jarad A. Higgins, had copied “melodic elements” from their 2006 song “Holly Wood Died” for his 2018 track “Lucid Dreams.” Yellowcard were seeking damages in excess of 15 million dollars, and a “running royalty and/or ownership share.” Two months later, Juice WRLD tragically died at the age of 21. The band decided to still pursue the lawsuit anyway.

Now, as the New York Times reports, it appears that Yellowcard have quietly abandoned the suit. The case was apparently stayed in February “until Juice WRLD’s estate could name a personal representative or executor.” A court filing from a couple weeks ago stated that the estate had appointed Higgins’ mother, Carmela Wallace, as that personal representative. Perhaps the fact that they would be going directly against a grieving mother is what eventually made Yellowcard stand down: Today, new court papers noted that Yellowcard were withdrawing the lawsuit.

Along the way, Yellowcard were represented by Richard S. Busch, who won the “Blurred Lines” copyright suit for the Marvin Gaye estate. Busch shared a statement about the band’s decision to drop the suit: “My clients are very sympathetic not only of Juice WRLD’s death, but also needed time to decide whether they really wanted to pursue the case against his grieving mother as the personal representative of his estate.” But they still left the door open to refile the suit, with Busch also noting that dismissal was made without prejudice.