American Dad Writer The Weeknd Cameos On Robot Chicken

Abel Tesfaye has had a busy 2020. He released his latest album as the Weeknd, After Hours, back in March. That album of course included “Blinding Lights,” his #1 hit that also ranks as one of the Songs Of The Summer this year — an honor even The Office’s Creed Bratton agrees on. But maybe those musical achievements are ancillary at this point, as Tesfaye has also spent 2020 expanding his reach into the realm of animation.

Back in May, for example, an episode of American Dad aired that not only featured a new Weeknd song and Tesfaye playing a version of himself, but also earned Tesfaye a co-writer credit. It seemed like an unexpected one-off, but now Tesfaye has popped up once more — this time making a handful of cameos on the long-running Adult Swim show Robot Chicken.

Tesfaye appears as three characters, including once as Madea. What adult cartoon do you think Tesfaye will guest on next? Maybe they can set an Archer episode in the world of After Hours. Anyway, check out some clips from Tesfaye’s Robot Chicken episode below.