Future Islands – “Thrill”

Future Islands – “Thrill”

The Far Field, the most recent album from the beloved Baltimore synth-pop outfit Future Islands, arrived back in the spring of 2017. Though the band kept busy in the years since, it was beginning to feel like we were about due for another album — especially once they debuted a bunch of new songs onstage last year. Last month, they made a triumphant return with the characteristically swelling “For Sure,” suggesting that a new album was, finally, right around the corner.

Now, Future Islands have officially announced the successor to The Far Field. It’s called As Long As You Are, and it’ll be out in October. As previously reported, it’s their first collection with longtime touring drummer Mike Lowry as an official fourth member of the band, and they produced it themselves. A press release describes it as looking “to the past as well as the future, confronting old ghosts and embracing a new hope.”

On that note, the new single that accompanies the announcement certainly finds Future Islands in one of their more reflective moods. The penultimate track on As Long As Your Are, “Thrill” is a somber and patient song. It remains to be seen whether this is the customary slower moment of the album or whether Future Islands are in a generally meditative state altogether this time around. The song comes with a homemade video that features Samuel T. Herring singing directly into the camera. Check it out below.


01 “Glada”
02 “For Sure”
03 “Born In A War”
04 “I Knew You”
05 “City’s Face”
06 “Waking”
07 “The Painter”
08 “Plastic Beach”
09 “Moonlight”
10 “Thrill”
11 “Hit The Coast”

Future Islands
CREDIT: Justin Flythe

As Long As You Are is out 10/9 via 4AD. Pre-order it here.

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