Luna Release 10-Minute Cover Of Television’s “Marquee Moon”

Luna Release 10-Minute Cover Of Television’s “Marquee Moon”

You like guitars, right? If you like guitars, you might be interested to know that Luna, one of our greatest guitar bands, has just dropped a massive and sprawling cover of Television’s 1977 classic “Marquee Moon,” one of our greatest guitar songs. There’s a whole lot of New York underground rock history in this one.

Lately, there’s been a whole lot of attention on the short-lived New York dream-pop duo Galaxie 500, what with the impending reissue and the 20-20-20 covers series and all. But Luna, the band that Dean Wareham formed after Galaxie 500 broke up, is still going. Luna broke up in 2005 but reunited in 2015. For the past few years, they’ve only been intermittently active. (Last year, Luna released the single “The Oort Cloud/Kuiper Belt.”) Today, Luna have released their own majestic take on Television’s canonical tangled-guitar epic “Marquee Moon.”

The new Luna single is a reunion of sorts. It’s the first time since 2000 that they’ve recorded with founding bassist Justin Harwood, formerly of New Zealand indie-pop greats the Chills. Harwood left Luna in 2000, and Britta Phillips took his place. These days, Phillips and Wareham are married, and they make music as Dean & Britta. But Luna made a whole lot of great records with Harwood, and it’s cool to see him back in the band, at least for this release. Part of the joy of Luna has always been seeing a group of expert musicians who truly trust each other and who seem to speak to each other through music. On this “Marquee Moon” cover, they do their own versions of Tom Verlaine’s splintered guitar solos. Check out the Luna version of “Marquee Moon” and the Television original below.

You can get Luna’s “Marquee Moon” at Bandcamp.

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