Kanye Was Kicked Off Twitter After Doxxing Forbes Editor

Kanye West was temporarily suspended from Twitter following a wild series of tweets yesterday. No, it wasn’t because he tweeted a video of himself pissing on a Grammy. Instead, Billboard reports, it was the doxxing that did it.

In the midst of railing against recording contracts and the music industry, Kanye tweeted out the phone number of Forbes editor Randall Lane with the caption “If any of my fans want to call a white supremacist … this is the editor of Forbes.”

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that the tweet was “removed for posting private information,” and Kanye’s account was “temporarily locked in accordance with our Private Information policy.”

Seems like Kanye is back now, though. He just tweeted the same image of Randall Lane’s contact on his phone with the actual contact information removed. “First tweet back … without the phone number,” he wrote.


If you’ll recall, Kanye has a bit of a history with Forbes. The magazine recently declared him the highest paid musician of 2020 and an official billionaire after a solid year of Kanye trying to get them to recognize him as Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West. He also first detailed his “presidential platform” in a truly unhinged interview with Forbes in July.

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