Stream Calgary Hardcore Band World Of Pleasure’s Fearsome Debut EP

Stream Calgary Hardcore Band World Of Pleasure’s Fearsome Debut EP

Few people are better at screaming than Jess Nyx. Nyx is the leader of Mortality Rate, a hardcore band from Calgary, and you should be aware that they kick ass. (Check out their 2017 split with Judiciary or their 2019 EP You Were The Gasoline.) Nyx has also added vocals to records from bands like the Acacia Strain and Judiciary. She sounds like she drinks a cool glass of broken glass and asphalt with her breakfast every morning, and she adds a serious pissed-off urgency to everything that she touches. So it’s a pleasure to report that she’s got a new band, and that her new band has new songs.

In addition to Mortality Rate, Nyx now also makes up one half of a Calgary-based project called World Of Pleasure. (The other member of the duo is Colter, from the Alberta metalcore band Serration.) World Of Pleasure’s sound is raw and frantic, and their songs have a theme. They’re a militantly vegan straight-edge band, and they are not fucking around about it: “It’s time for your extermination!/ Vegan domination!… Vegan straight edge for fucking ever!” World Of Pleasure just released a three-song demo, and it’s nasty as hell. Stream it below.

You can get the World Of Pleasure demo at Bandcamp.

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