Watch Members Of Mastodon, Cave In, & Russian Circles Cover Alice In Chains’ “Rain When I Die”

Two Minutes To Late Night hath returned! During quarantine, the great video series features the comedian Jordan Olds getting together musicians from the interconnected worlds of metal, punk, and hardcore to cover classic songs. Last week, the series took a rare week off. (Olds explained that all the fires on the West Coast were making it hard for musicians out there to participate.) But this week, the series returns, following up tributes to Billy Idol and Robyn and Fleetwood Mac with a salute to Alice In Chains.

Maybe it’s a reflection of some grim and depressing times, but we’ve been seeing a lot of Alice In Chains covers lately, especially from the heavy-music world. In recent months, we’ve posted AIC covers from Code Orange and Thou, and Magnetic Eye just released Dirt (Redux), a cover compilation in which metal bands take on every song from AIC’d bleak 1992 grunge classic Dirt. For their part, the participants in this week’s Two Minutes To Late Night have taken on “Rain When I Die,” quite possibly the heaviest deep cut from Dirt.

In this week’s video, Mastodon’s Brann Dailor plays drums, and he also shares lead-vocal duties with Justin Suitor, of the LA band Painted Wives. Cave In/Mutoid Man frontman Stephen Brodsky does some heroic guitar shredding, and Russian Circles’ Mike Sullivan does some heavy riffing. In his Gwarsenio Hall persona, Jordan Olds plays bass. They’ve captured the gut-churning heaviness of the original, and you can watch it and listen to the Alice In Chains track below.

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