SNL‘s Next Musical Guest Morgan Wallen Draws Concern After Weekend Of Maskless Partying With Fans

SNL‘s Next Musical Guest Morgan Wallen Draws Concern After Weekend Of Maskless Partying With Fans

Morgan Wallen is one of mainstream country music’s fastest rising stars, a young The Voice-bred hit-maker who recently debuted a song in the Hot 100 top 10 via the kind of pre-release TikTok promo more common to pop and rap artists. Wallen is such a big deal, in fact, that he’s scheduled to perform on Saturday Night Live this weekend. But don’t be surprised if that gig falls through in the wake of Wallen’s wild weekend in Alabama.

As a local news report out of Tuscaloosa points out, Wallen spent the weekend partying at the University of Alabama, where he attended the Crimson Tide’s football game against Texas A&M at Bryant-Denny Stadium and apparently spent the rest of his Saturday drinking and making out with campus revelers, completely mask-free. A series of videos posted to TikTok document Wallen’s big day, which included stops at a bar, a house party, and the backseat of a fan’s car. He apparently was out there living his life as if COVID-19 does not exist.

Some social media users criticized Wallen, a 27-year-old father, for mixing it up with college girls. Another potential concern on Wallen’s end: SNL has been taking lots of precautions to make sure no one in its studio audience gets coronavirus, and this kind of wanton disregard for public health flies in the face of those measures. Vulture reached out to SNL for comment but hasn’t heard back yet. As we’ve seen tonight with White House staffer Stephen Miller, it’s possible to test positive after spending multiple days in isolation.

UPDATE: Yep, SNL gave Wallen the boot.

Back in May, Wallen was arrested in Nashville after getting kicked out of Kid Rock’s bar. Check out footage of his latest escapades below.


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TikTok giveth, and TikTok taketh away?

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