Tom DeLonge Is Directing A Sci-Fi Movie

Courtesy of Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge Is Directing A Sci-Fi Movie

Courtesy of Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge loves alien stuff. Can’t get enough of it. For years, the former Blink-182 guitarist and current Angels & Airwaves leader has been investing huge amounts of time and money into UFO research, even going so far as to crowdfund a spaceship. At first this all seemed kind of loony, but DeLonge’s research into alien life has brought him into contact with high-ranking officials, been cited in bombshell news reports, and lifted DeLonge to a place of prominence within his field.

Lately he’s taking that extraterrestrial expertise to Hollywood. A couple years back DeLonge announced he was developing a TV show about aliens and skateboarders called Strange Times for TBS, and he’s since revealed plans for a History Channel docuseries about, you guessed it, the search for alien life. Now, as Deadline points out, DeLonge is developing a project for the big screen.

To follow up his award-winning animated short film Poet Anderson, DeLonge will be making his feature-length directorial debut with Monsters Of California, a coming-of-age sci-fi story set in Southern California. DeLonge wrote the script with Ian Miller, and To The Stars Inc, a division of DeLonge’s UFO organization To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, is among the attached production companies. DeLonge is also writing and producing music for the film.

The main cast includes veteran character actor Richard Kind, Starship Troopers star Casper Van Dien, Days Of Our Lives actress Arianne Zucker, and Gabrielle Haugh of Jeepers Creepers 3. Newcomers Jack Samson, Jared Scott, and Jack Lancaster are also on board, as is Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek. Samson will star as Dallas Edwards, part of a group of derelict teenage friends whose investigation into paranormal phenomena lead them to a high-level government cover-up. Sounds like it could be the Strange Times TV show transposed to the motion picture format.

A statement from DeLonge:

I have been playing this story in my dreams for decades. It represents all aspects of my strange existence, including growing up in San Diego suburbia as a disaffected teenage skateboarder. I had a tight tribe of friends who never missed an opportunity to piss people off and made me laugh so hard I would cry. The camaraderie, curiosity, angst and irreverence is everything that lead me to Blink-182 and this story is layered with my obsession with the tightly blurred lines between science and science fiction.

Production is underway, but there’s no public release timeline yet.

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