Guided By Voices – “Mr. Child”

Here’s some news that will not surprise you if you know anything about Robert Pollard: Guided By Voices are prepping their third album of 2020 for release in December. The upcoming Styles We Paid For joins the previously released Surrender Your Poppy Field and Mirrored Aztec to complete GBV’s 2020 triad.

“Mr. Child,” a character sketch of a Peter Pan figure who refuses to let go of his youth, also probably will not surprise anyone familiar with Pollard and his ways. It’s a three-minute power-pop track recorded just short of high fidelity, with a melodic magnetism that indicates Pollard’s still got it after all these years.

Uncle Bob tells Rolling Stone, “I finished the demos on February 29th and sent them to the band. I was planning on an all-analog album entitled Before Computers. The pandemic obviously changed our recording plans and ironically it was all recorded digitally on computers. The band members recorded their parts in isolation in five different states.”

Listen below.

Styles We Paid For is out 12/11 on Rockathon Records. Pre-order it here.