Watch SNL’s “Stan” Parody Featuring A Cameo From Eminem

Watch SNL’s “Stan” Parody Featuring A Cameo From Eminem

Saturday Night Life, always one for a timely parody, spoofed Eminem’s “Stan” last night with a cameo from Eminem himself. The show gave the song — which turned 20 years old earlier this year — a holiday spin, with Pete Davidson playing a guy named Stu who sends Santa unhinged letters.

Jason Bateman, the episode’s guest host, played Santa, Kate McKinnon played “Stan”‘s featured vocalist Dido, and Bowen Yang popped up as Elton John, another one of Em’s collaborators over the years. Eminem pops up at the end to unwrap a coveted Playstation 5.

Watch SNL‘s “Stan” parody below.

Saturday Night Live‘s musical guest last night was country singer Morgan Wallen. Wallen was originally supposed to appear on the show back in October but was pulled after violating the show’s COVID protocols by attending a maskless party and kissing girls at a college in Alabama. The powers that be at SNL let him go on the show anyway last night to make up for bumping him and they made a whole skit about how “funny” it is that Wallen flouted their own protocols. Here’s that sketch:

Saturday Night Live still has two more shows this year, one with Bruce Springsteen and the other with Dua Lipa.

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