Weyes Blood Shares “Titanic Risen” As A Roblox Exclusive

Weyes Blood Shares “Titanic Risen” As A Roblox Exclusive

Natalie Mering’s last album as Weyes Blood was the stunning 2019 collection Titanic Rising. While Mering had always been a transfixing songwriter, the album marked a new peak in her career; ever since, it’s been easy to get excited imagining what Mering might do next. While in 2020 she reappeared backing up Tim Heidecker, there were also rumblings that she might be returning soon with her own music — enough to make a new Weyes Blood something to anticipate in 2021. But first: Weyes Blood has some unfinished Titanic Rising business, and it involves Roblox.

Roblox is an online game platform that, on occasion, also crosses over with the music world. Just a couple months ago, it hosted a virtual concert from Lil Nas X. (As you might recall, we featured a guest editorial from Scott Lapatine’s daughter reviewing the performance.) One thing under the Roblox umbrella is Roblox Titanic, in which you can role-play in a simulation of the Titanic, right on down to the iceberg and, you know, the part where everyone has to abandon ship. There is probably a German word for the psychological condition that would cause people in this particular era to spend their time role-playing on a sinking ship, but I don’t know what it is.

At any rate, here is a new enticing aspect of the game. Starting today, you can check out a new Weyes Blood song called “Titanic Risen.” It’s an outtake from the Titanic Rising sessions, and featured alongside a few of the album’s songs in Roblox Titanic. If you want to access the game and check it out, you can here. You can also preview it on Instagram.

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