Nicole Dollanganger – “Whispering Glades”

Nicole Dollanganger – “Whispering Glades”

The Canadian musician and former Grimes associate Nicole Dollanganger released Heart Shaped Bed, her last album, back in 2018. We haven’t heard much from Dollanganger since then, though last year she did show up on a 100 gecs remix that also featured Fall Out Boy. Today, Dollanganger has returned with a gorgeous and withering new song.

Musically, Dollanganger’s new single “Whispering Glades” is a lovely piece of work. The track is mostly built around Dollanganger singing in a small, whispery voice and around a delicate acoustic strum. But this isn’t a quiet, lo-fi track. It’s a sharply constructed pop song, and all its little production touches — the flanged-out guitar murmurs, the soft pitter-patter percussion — fit impeccably into the whole.

“Whispering Glades” is also a vengeful song about imagining the death of a manipulative person: “You just have your ways, what with all of those/ Grotesque display of love you show/ Ripped from pages of books, every word which you know/ And recite back to them as if they were your own.” The ether, the shit to make your soul burn slow. Listen to the song below.

The self-released “Whispering Glades” is out now, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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