Stream Dinosaur Jr.’s New Album Sweep It Into Space

Stream Dinosaur Jr.’s New Album Sweep It Into Space

Ever since the original Dinosaur Jr. lineup reunited for 2007’s remarkable Beyond, they’ve been taking longer and longer between albums: two years for 2009’s Farm, then three for 2012’s I Bet On Sky, then four for 2016’s Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not, and now a five-year gap leading up to Sweep It Into Space. If you love this band, the half-decade wait was worth it. Relatedly, if you love this band, you already know exactly what you’re getting here.

Sweep It Into Space comprises 12 guitar-powered tracks that range from sludgy to fuzzy to jangly, mostly topped off with J Mascis’ unmistakable vocals and spiraling guitar solos. As per usual there are a couple Lou Barlow contributions as well. One factor distinguishing this one from all those other great Dinosaur albums is that Kurt Vile — a man whose own distinctive voice shows quite a bit of Mascis influence — was co-producing this one before the pandemic sent everything into chaos. Also, it has a song called “I Met The Stones,” which, if you’ve read Our Band Could Be Your Life, you know was a huge deal for Mascis, who claims in the book that the Rolling Stones were an even bigger influence on him than Neil Young.

We’ve heard “I Ran Away,” “Garden,” and “Take It Back” ahead of release, and now the whole LP is out in the world. Listen below.

Sweep It Into Space is out now on Jagjaguwar.

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