Village People Cop Writes Open Letter To The Weeknd: “Lighten Up”

Village People Cop Writes Open Letter To The Weeknd: “Lighten Up”

Victor Willis, the cop from the Village People, is the main Village Person after he won the rights to the group’s name in 2017. Since becoming the main Village Person, Willis has never been especially fond of the Grammys. Earlier this year, after the Village People’s “YMCA” was inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame, Willis complained that the Grammys didn’t “show respect for classic artists who built the recording business.” In 2017, he also claimed that the Grammys have secret committees dedicated to overriding votes for Black artists. But Willis is now calling out the Weeknd, another artist who’s got problems with the Grammys, for complaining too much about the Grammys.

Last year, after the Weeknd’s blockbuster After Hours was totally shut out from Grammy nominations, Abel Tesfaye fumed that the show was “corrupt.” Shortly afterwards, Tesfaye said that he would boycott the show going forward because of those same committees that Willis mentioned. Last month, after pressure from the Weeknd, and others, the Grammys announced that they would no longer use anonymous expert committees to decide their nominations. The Weeknd responded that the change “will hopefully be a positive move for the future of this plagued award” but confirmed that he will not submit his music to the Grammys anymore.

In response, Willis has posted an open letter to the Weeknd on his Facebook page. Willis advises Tesfaye to “lighten up” and informs him that “you’re not handling this in the spirit of black protest of this important issue.” Willis notes that the Weeknd wasn’t complaining about those committees when he was winning awards, and he endorses the work of Harvey Mason, Jr., the Grammys’ interim chief executive. Here’s what Willis writes:

Pssst, “The Weeknd,” lighten up on the Grammys already why don’t cha!?

I know a thing or two about attacking the Grammys, and their once secret committees. I must say you’re not handling this in the spirit of black protest of this important issue.

You see, while black artists like me were making honest complaints about the secret committees, you were busy racking up one Grammy after another under those secret committees.

I don’t recall you complaining about the secret committees when you were benefitting from those secret committees.

But on the one occasion the secret committees didn’t benefit you, the Grammys are suddenly corrupt, and it’s off with their heads?

Under the circumstances, you’re much too talented to be pouting about the Grammys. And it seems you’re out for blood despite the secret committees being eliminated. Negative.

This important American institution known as the Grammys has an African American in there (Harvey Mason) that’s making real, meaningful and historic changes that will likely benefit the music business for decades to come.

Cut the brotha some slack!

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