Caroline Polachek – “Bunny Is A Rider”

Caroline Polachek – “Bunny Is A Rider”

In the years since the release of Caroline Polachek’s debut solo album Pang in 2019, the former Chairlift-er has become a cause célèbre of the hyperpop scene. Today, she’s releasing her first proper single since Pang, a new track called “Bunny Is A Rider.” (No relation to of Montreal’s similarly-titled “Bunny Ain’t No Kind Of Rider,” presumably.) It’s twitchy and smooth, Polachek’s gliding, stuttering processed vocals insisting “Bunny is a rider/ Satellite can’t find her.” Polachek worked on it with Danny L Harle — she also popped up on his Harlecore album earlier this year.

“‘Bunny Is A Rider’ is a summer jam about being unavailable. Bunny is slippery, impossible to get ahold of,” Polachek said in a statement. “Maybe it’s a fantasy, maybe it’s a bad attitude. But anyone can be bunny, at least for three minutes and seventeen seconds. The song features a scorching bass performance from producer Danny L Harle, plus his baby daughter’s first vocal cameo.”

Check it out below.

“Bunny Is A Rider” is out now.

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