Liars – “From What The Never Was”

Liars – “From What The Never Was”

Liars are releasing the new album The Apple Drop next week. We’ve already heard a couple of songs from the record, “Sekwar” and “Big Appetite.” And today, Angus Andrew is sharing another, “From What The Never Was,” which once again comes with a strikingly cinematic music video completing the trilogy from director Clemens Habicht. Angus Andrew explains:

“From What The Never Was” is intended as a moment of recollection within the journey of The Apple Drop; a point that our traveller has reached which is far from the starting place, but also right back there in memory. The drum sound was appropriated from an old song called “We Fenced Other Gardens With The Bones Of Our Own.” In that track, the protagonist is drunk on delusions of grandeur, relishing the power of destruction. Now far removed, that character is weary, remorseful.

In preparation for the video, I went back to the “Sekwar” cave to map it three-dimensionally. Instructed by a digital artist in NYC (Dan Moore), I strapped a 360-degree camera to my head and paced the lengths of the cave’s interior. The resulting data was transformed into a wireframe model and featured as a hologram in “FWTNW.” The cave’s positioning right beneath another location manifests the premise of the song. You’re in the “same spot” but understanding it from a completely new perspective. My experience in revisiting that space alone was both psychologically informative and disturbing. The slow, methodical steps required to document the dark depths of the cave’s interior invited the company of bats and of fear.

Clemens’ development of this concept into a prequel video was astounding. The sheer audacity to place us inside a space ship, contending with all that implies, is testament to the courage of his vision. I felt honoured to play a role.

Clemens Habicht adds:

Angus and his crew are subjected to the traumas and melodramas of classic sci-fi tropes, brutalised by the sadism of scenes from films I think I was probably way too young to have seen as a kid. Only Liars would entertain and embrace my trepanning fantasies. Like any mission, this was only possible by the absolute commitment of everyone involved. Special thanks to DOP Tyson Perkins for signing up for another adventure, and to Beau and her team for their absolute generosity and excitement.

Watch and listen to “From What The Never Was” below.

The Apple Drop is out 8/6 on Mute. Pre-order it here.

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