Full Of Hell – “Industrial Messiah Complex”

Full Of Hell – “Industrial Messiah Complex”

Since putting out their last full-length, 2019’s Weeping Choir, Full Of Hell have teamed up with HEALTH and frontman Dylan Walker was one-third of Sightless Pit. Today, the band is announcing a new album of their own, Garden Of Burning Apparitions, which will be out in October. They’re also sharing its lead single, “Industrial Messiah Complex,” a pulverizing minute-and-a-half of frantic noise.

“Industrial Messiah Complex examines the commodification and weaponization of faith and spirituality,” Walker said in a statement. “This misdirection is a ploy for control and power. Whether through some profit obsessed mega-church or via militaristic action, humanity is raked over the coals and bled out until there‚Äôs nothing left but cinders and dust.”

Listen below.

01 “Guided Blight”
02 “Asphyxiant Blessing”
03 “Murmuring Foul Spring”
04 “Derelict Satellite”
05 “Burning Apparition”
06 “Eroding Shell”
07 “All Bells Ringing”
08 “Urchin Thrones”
09 “Industrial Messiah Complex”
10 “Reeking Tunnels”
11 “Non-Atomism”
12 “Celestial Heirarch”

Garden Of Burning Apparitions is out 10/1 via Relapse. Pre-order it here.

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