Stream Richmond Punk Band Tempter’s Grimy, Intense Self-Titled Debut EP

Stream Richmond Punk Band Tempter’s Grimy, Intense Self-Titled Debut EP

It’s always fun when a bunch of members of different bands get together to form a new band. It’s especially fun in underground music circles, where the bands aren’t especially famous and where people generally aren’t too tempted to use the term “supergroup.” That’s what’s happening with Tempter, a new band whose members all come from different punk and hardcore bands from Richmond. Tempter singer Valentina Lopez and bassist David Jaycox are both in Nosebleed, while guitarist Michael Quick is in both Candy and Ekulu. Other members have been in bands like Division Of Mind and Break Away. Yesterday, Tempter released their self-titled debut EP, and it stomps ass.

The first Tempter record doesn’t sound too much like the members’ other bands, though there’s definitely some overlap with Nosebleed. Tempter’s sound is dark and murky and fucked-up, with cavernous guitars and reverb all over the vocals. It’s got the immediacy of ’80s hardcore and the dark spookiness of a lot of ’80s underground metal, but it’s not crossover thrash. It’s something scuzzier and weirder that that.

Fucked Up’s Jonah Falco mixed the Tempter EP, and Will Killingsworth mastered it. All five tracks rip, but right now I’m highest on the echo-drenched “La Lluvia,” which takes its lyrics from a poem written by the late Chilean writer Roberto BolaƱo. Stream the EP below.

The Tempter EP is out now on Quality Control HQ.

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