Stream Demersal’s Majestically Brutal Screamo EP Death Routines

Stream Demersal’s Majestically Brutal Screamo EP Death Routines

Right now, there’s so much good screamo coming out that it’s hard to keep all these bands straight, but I’m here to tell you that you should make some room for the Danish band Demersal. Demersal has been around for a few years now; they released an EP in 2017 and a full-length last year. A few months ago, Demersal and fellow Danish screamo band Regarding Ambiguity dropped a split that really impressed us. Today, Demersal have followed that with a new EP called Death Routines, and it kicks serious amounts of ass.

Demersal do the classic screamo thing where they toggle back and forth between outright ferocity and occasional moments of tingly post-rock beauty. They definitely draw on hardcore and on the grand Scandinavian tradition of black metal as much as they do on straight-up screamo. A decade or two ago, Demersal probably would’ve been considered a metallic hardcore band; there’s definitely a whole lot of Converge in Death Routines. The EP’s sheer bleak grandeur is a beautiful thing to behold, and you can behold it below.

The Death Routines EP is out now on Zegema Beach Records and (I swear to God) 10 other different labels. Screamo bands sure love putting out records on as many different labels as possible.

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