Stream One Step Closer’s Stunning Debut Album This Place You Know

Stream One Step Closer’s Stunning Debut Album This Place You Know

The Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania straight-edge band One Step Closer have been one of the most exciting things in hardcore ever since they released their 2019 EP From Me To You. The band writes huge, crashing, anthemic songs about personal apocalypse, drawing on the work of bands like Turning Point and Title Fight. Their sound is melodic, full of dynamic guitar-twinkles and heart-wracked screams, but it’s got serious muscle to it. They’ve had potential exploding out of them, and we made them a Band To Watch a few weeks ago. Today, One Step Closer make good on all that potential.

Today is the release date for This Place You Know, One Step Closer’s first full-length album. On the record, the band expands on the sound of their previous records. The album lasts less than half an hour, but it feels epic in scope. This band does full-throated catharsis better than just about anyone else I can name right now. We’ve already heard the early tracks “Lead To Gray,” “Pringle Street,” “Chrysanthemum,” and “Autumn,” but you really have to jam the whole thing. You can do that below.

This Place You Know is out now on Run For Cover.

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