Ibibio Sound Machine – “All That You Want”

Ibibio Sound Machine – “All That You Want”

Back in October, Ibibio Sound Machine released a new single called “Electricity,” produced by Hot Chip. It was a banger, and it ranked amongst our favorite songs that week. Today, the group is back with good news: “Electricity” was a title track from a forthcoming album, and it’s out in March.

It also turns out that Hot Chip actually produced the entirety of Electricity, marking the first time Ibibio Sound Machine have had such an extensive partnership with outside collaborators. Here’s what Hot Chip had to say about making the album with Ibibio:

Prior to the sessions, we had run into Ibibio Sound Machine at festivals and loved watching them perform. There are very talented musicians throughout the band, and Eno is a massively charismatic, skilled singer. The sessions were hugely rewarding as Ibibio brought in friends and collaborators to add a wide array of different instruments — some of which were unfamiliar to us. The songs on this record are uniformly great, and we were really happy to be a part of making it.

Along with the announcement, Ibibio Sound Machine have shared a new single called “All That You Want.” Check it out below.

01 “Protection From Evil”
02 “Electricity”
03 “Casio (Yak Nda Nda)”
04 “Afo Ken Doko Mien”
05 “All That You Want”
06 “Wanna See Your Face Again”
07 “17 18 19”
08 “Truth No Lie”
09 “Oyoyo”

Electricity is out 3/25 via Merge. Pre-order it here.

Jeremy DeLuna

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