Foo Fighters Go Thrash Metal On Studio 666 Song “March Of The Insane”

Danny Clinch

Foo Fighters Go Thrash Metal On Studio 666 Song “March Of The Insane”

Danny Clinch

Later this month, Foo Fighters are releasing their horror-comedy film STUDIO 666 in theaters. Today, the band has released a new song, “March Of The Insane,” that they recorded for the film. Though it’s Dave Grohl and co. performing, it’s attributed to the band Dream Widow (“from their never released self-titled album,” the song’s YouTube description notes).

“At this point, there’s not much we won’t do,” Grohl said about the movie in a new interview with Rolling Stone, continuing:

It wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone that we were going to leap into this new territory. At first, we were riffing ideas together about who should be murdered, how they should be murdered, who should be the killer, etc. And we would sit around at dinner drinking wine, just cracking up at all of the different opportunities. I don’t think anyone realized the extent of what we were doing until we got to the table read and there’s a “script” and we have fucking lines and we have to act. That was a wake-up call.

In the same interview, Grohl also talked about how he linked up with horror master John Carpenter, who composed Studio 666‘s theme song:

Oh, my God, this is fucking amazing. I almost forgot. This is crazy. So our lighting guy, Dan [Hadley], went out on tour with John Carpenter, and Daniel Davies, the son of the Kinks’ Dave Davies, is also in John’s band. But John raised him. So Dan [Hadley] said, “Oh, my God, you know what? You should email John Carpenter and see if he’ll do a cameo.” I’m like, “There’s no fucking way John Carpenter is going to do a cameo in this film.” So I email, “Hi, my name’s Dave. I’m in a band called Foo Fighters and we’re making a horror film. We’d love for you to make a cameo.” John Carpenter emails back and says, “Hi Dave, you took my son [Daniel]’s band on tour with you 15 years ago and treated them really well. So not only will I be in your movie, I’ll also write the theme song.”

Listen to “March Of The Insane” below.

Studio 666 hits theaters on 2/25.

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