Stream Romero’s Fired-Up Power-Pop Debut Album Turn It On!

Stream Romero’s Fired-Up Power-Pop Debut Album Turn It On!

The Melbourne band Romero play power-pop like power-pop was classic rock. Romero’s music is all howled-out hooks and trebly riffage, and it knowingly evokes the ’70s Camaro jams of bands like Cheap Trick way more than the relatively sensitive material of, say, Big Star. Romero might be a DIY band, but they’re the sort of DIY band that makes you want to chug cheap beer or stick your head out of a sunroof and let the wind blow your hair around.

Romero got together in 2019, and they perfected their form of insistent rip-snort party music during a time when partying wasn’t something that you could reliably do. Today, the band has released the recklessly fun debut album Turn It On!. It’s a total amped-up spring album, which means it’s arriving right on time. We’ve already posted the early singles “Turn It On!” and “Halfway Out The Door,” and now that the whole LP has arrived, you can stream it below.

Turn It On! is out now on Cool Death/Feel It Records.

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