Donald Glover Says Because The Internet Is “The Rap OK Computer

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Donald Glover Says Because The Internet Is “The Rap OK Computer

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Donald Glover interviewed himself for Interview magazine and he said some things. One of those things is that he described his 2013 Childish Gambino album Because The Internet as “the rap OK Computer.”

He brought himself to this line of questioning by first talking about his poorly received debut album Camp. “It allowed me to make Because The Internet, which I think has proven itself to be a classic,” Glover said. “You think BTI is a classic?” Glover also said. And then Glover responded: “It’s the rap OK Computer. It’s prescient in tone and subject matter and it’s extremely influential. And I know no one’s gonna give me that until I’m dead. But it’s true.”

When asked why he wanted to interview himself (by himself), Glover said: “I guess I don’t love interviews and I asked myself, ‘Why don’t you like interviews?’ And I think part of it is that the questions are usually the same. This way I can get questions I usually don’t get asked.” Some questions asked in the Interview interview: “Are you still making music?” “Are you worried about getting cancelled?” “What does ‘culture’ mean to you?”

Glover talks about the upcoming Mr. & Mrs. Smith series he’s writing for Amazon. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who was set to co-star, dropped out of the project last year due to creative differences — she was replaced by PEN15‘s Maya Erskine, as Glover reveals during the interview.

He also discussed his show Atlanta, which is currently airing its third season on FX — a fourth and final one is already shot and expected to follow soon. Glover talked more about Lil Dicky’s own FX show Dave, which he said his show is better than last year. He likened Dave to “a good burger you should eat fast because the ingredients are fresh.”

And he described Euphoria like this: “A really good butterflied chicken in the restaurant attached to an old hotel having a resurgence. It tastes really good and you feel guilty eating it because it’s got foie gras. But after going there for six months, you realize you always leave a little hungry.” And he said that Zendaya should “choose up and leave Sam [Levinson] and come to Death Row.”

There’s more where that came from if you want it! Here’s the full interview.

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