Tove Lo – “No One Dies From Love”

Tove Lo – “No One Dies From Love”

Thus far this year, the Swedish pop star Tove Lo has contributed her song “How Long” to the Euphoria soundtrack, and joined Flume onstage at Coachella. Today, Tove Lo has announced the launch of her own record label, which is called Pretty Swede Records and which is a subsidiary of the artist-management company mtheory. As the first release on her new label, Tove Lo has just dropped another banger.

“No One Dies From Love” is a streamlined, percolating dance-pop track about heartbreak, and it’s got a vivid, eye-grabbing video from Brazilian directing duo ALASKA, who previously made Tove Lo’s “Are U Gonna Tell Her?” video. On the song, Tove Lo reflects on a breakup. Sometimes, her lyrics are strikingly normal: “I miss all the cool things we’d do/ But what I miss the most is watching movies with you.” More often, though, she goes for over-the-top drama: “No one dies from love/ Guess I’ll be the first/ Will you remember us/ Or are the memories too stained with blood now?”

In a press release, Tove Lo has this to say about the song:

When you’re with someone for a long time and it ends all of all sudden, it’s like a part of you has died. This person is now a stranger to you. All of the memories are tainted. For the first part of the breakup, you believe you’re not supposed to feel good about anything you had together. What I believe I do best is “heartbreak you can dance to.” The song is that.

Check it out below.

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