Watch Sleaford Mods’ Extremely Goofy Seth Meyers Performance

Watch Sleaford Mods’ Extremely Goofy Seth Meyers Performance

Earlier this year, Sleaford Mods, the most British group on the entire face of the planet, released their new album Spare Ribs. Right now, Sleaford Mods are on tour in the US. Seth Meyers is evidently a fan, since he only seems to book musical acts on his Late Night show when he’s a fan. So last night, Sleaford Mods rolled through Meyers’ show to perform “Shortcummings,” a song about former Boris Johnson right-hand man Dominic Cummings, on American television, to an audience of people who presumably have no idea who Dominic Cummings is. And I have to tell you: That shit was funny.

I’ve never seen Sleaford Mods live, and their Meyers performance is my first exposure to their show. Based on what I saw, I can’t believe this group is real. So the Sleaford Mods concert experience is just Jason Williamson doing his thick-accented bellow while producer Andrew Fearn jumps around near a laptop and sometimes plays air-bass? And they did this on TV? I’m sorry. I’m sure Sleaford Mods have plenty of American fans, but this does not translate. It’s like I’m looking at some kind of alien form of entertainment.

Jason Williamson sounds like me after a drunken Peaky Blinders binge. Andrew Fearn spends the whole song acting like a little kid who just beat a video game. It’s too much. I don’t understand this performance, but I’m glad I saw it. See it for yourself below.

Spare Ribs is out now on Rough Trade.

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