Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

Sounds like Wayne needs a new plane.


Score: 26 | Jun 6th

Wazzup fellow virtual late-90s residents? Long time lurker, first time poster here. I discovered this column about a year and a half ago, and I’ve been spending most of that time catching up. If I had a fraction of Tom’s work ethic, who knows where I’d be.
Anyway I thought it’d be fun to have my first comment be on my birth date Number One. I’d never heard it before now and it’s… fine. Not for me. It’s catchy and the beat’s almost good enough to offset the uncomfortable lyrics. I’d give it a 4 or 5.
I probably won’t have too much to say about the hits from this era, but hopefully I’ll be able to provide some semi-intelligent thoughts on songs from my prime radio listening period of roughly 2007-2015. I’ve also got an idea for a series I might start around virtual 2010. It involves Jim Morrison and bird intestines.

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Thin White Duck
Score: 30 | Jun 7th

Yes, won’t someone think of American Airlines?!

Posted in: Kacey Musgraves Filing “Massive Complaint” Over “Hostile” American Airlines Employee
Score: 26 | Jun 8th

Jim Seals, one-half of 70s duo Seals and Crofts, died on Monday. Realizing that not all here will be so familiar with Seals and Crofts and their music, I’ll just say that their dulcet tones have soundtracked many a summer (and the other three seasons) for many people. Over the virtual years, TNOCS has expressed considerable love for the harmonies and sonic qualities of “Hummingbird”, one of their early hits. They had several hits, spanning the 70s, but their very first big one stands out to me, as a truly perfect, wonderfully memory-inducing song: “Summer Breeze”.

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Score: 4 | Jun 5th

Shout outs to the early 00’s people whose minds were blown by this and sought out Kate:

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Score: 21 | Jun 6th


I asked my folks about all The Number Ones from last week. Here’s what they said.


Mom – “I’m gonna give it a 3, and here’s why: I feel like it was so overplayed, when the movie was out it was everywhere, I’ve heard it enough in 97/98, I don’t need to hear it anymore”

Dad – “I’ll give it a 4, the song is too breathy and she tries way too hard to over sing it”


Mom — “I’m gonna give it a 6, it’s not really my jam, but, we still use that phrase, it’s in the world, and this is, well, before Will Smith became super annoying…It’s a song”

Dad — “I give it a 3, I don’t like Will Smith and I have no interest in rap”


Mom — “I’d give it an 8, I’m diggin’ the blood harmonies and I like the accompaniment. It’s a feel good song”

Dad — “I’d give that a 7, definite 7. Excellent harmony…and I liked the piano intro. By far the best of the 3 songs

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Phylum of Alexandria!
Score: 34 | Jun 9th

Musicians have no easy choice in these situations. The Israeli government has taken a turn toward authoritarian state terror, which is disgusting and horrific. But what about the people of Israel? Not all of them support the actions of their government. And can’t engagement with the humanities of the world help prevent isolated societies from isolating further? It’s not clear, but it’s at least a possibility to consider.

If Republicans turn the United States into the next Hungary after 2024–holding onto their power by making the obstacles for democratic opposition nearly insurmountable–should musicians refuse to play here? I’m not saying yes or no; my point is that there is no good answer. And yet people take musicians to task no matter what they do. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Big Thief apologizes for apologizing, to correct against the inevitable wave of ire that they will attract. It’s difficult no matter what, but perhaps their biggest mistake is trying to thread the needle of a complicated moral question via social media, a medium that gives everyone their own hammer to whack anyone and everyone for their less-than-perfect needlework.


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Logan Taylor
Score: 35 | Jun 6th

Hey all! First time commenter! It’s been four months but I’m finally caught up to the column’s virtual present. I debated jumping in sooner, but I preferred finishing, like the column and wonderful comments section were a book. Just how my mind is wired. Plus I wanted to listen as I went along.

Anywho, this song I knew well as a 12 year old watching MTV all summer. They tended to spam the video so that even if I wasn’t aware of Billboard #1’s (and I wasn’t at the time), its saturation play gave me a good hint. I remember the choreography being inventive and the Next guys seeming, I don’t know, kinda cool? As a song, I was leaning towards 6 or 7 before I relustened. Now, I could go 7 or 8. It’s less generic than I remembered. I love the way the lead ad-libs all over the chorus, there’s a nice groove, and the use of female vocals was a nifty counterpoint.

So I feel like I’m meeting family for the first time. Loved reading all your contributions and I hope to share my piece in a valuable way as we continue through my nostalgia years!

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Score: 35 | Jun 4th

Bring back the downvote!

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Score: 41 | Jun 6th

I don’t know what the hell she’s even talking about. I was professional and was just following the protocol American Airlines has set for for all of us that are employed as Flight Attendants. I gotta tell y’all,…this feels oddly personal
-American Airlines Flight Attendant Ruston Kelly

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Score: 56 | Jun 8th

Some shocking omissions and dubious choices on the RS 200 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums of All Time list, for sure. Still, I wasn’t a bit surprised to see U2’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind at number four.

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Jun 6th

What score do you think Tom is gonna give it?

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