Watch Weezer & A Keyboard-Playing Wolf Perform A Fantastical “Records” On Kimmel

Watch Weezer & A Keyboard-Playing Wolf Perform A Fantastical “Records” On Kimmel

Right now, Weezer are in the midst of yet another goofy-ass project in a career full of them. This year, the band intends to release four EPs, each one of them tied to one of the year’s seasons. They dropped SZNZ: Spring in March, and they followed it last year with SZNZ: Summer. (They also announced a forthcoming Broadway residency.) Weezer have also roped poor Jimmy Kimmel into this scheme. In March, the day after they released the first EP, the band, along with a mandolinist in a bunny costume, did musical-guest duties on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Last night, with the new EP out in the world, the band returned to Kimmel.

A theme seems to be developing with these Kimmel performances. Once again, Weezer played on a stage set made to look like a forest. Back in March, Rivers Cuomo wore elf ears on the show. Last night, he wore a dress? Or maybe a tunic? Cuomo looked like some kind of fantasy archetype, but I’m not really up on my fantasy archetypes, so I don’t know what it was. And while the mandolinist bunny did not return, we did get a keyboard player in a Big Bad Wolf costume.

Weezer played “Records,” one of the tracks from SZNZ: Summer, but it wasn’t exactly easy to pay attention to the song through all the silliness. If Weezer’s performance was intended to promote their new record, then it was a failure. But if it was simply meant to highlight the ongoing wackiness of the Weezer experience, mission accomplished. Watch it below.

The SZNZ: Summer EP is out now on Crush Music/Atlantic.

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