Watch Weezer & A Mandolinist Bunny Play A Fantastical “A Little Bit Of Love” On Kimmel

Watch Weezer & A Mandolinist Bunny Play A Fantastical “A Little Bit Of Love” On Kimmel

Weezer has to be the weirdest legacy band on the face of the planet. For a couple of decades, the band has nurtured a reputation for cranking out bland radio-rock, but they’ve also made a fascinating array of baffling decisions over the years; consider, if you will, the unsettling nerd-hesher look that Rivers Cuomo was rocking on last year’s Hella Mega Tour. Weezer are still busy; after releasing two studio albums last year, they just came out with SZNZ: Spring, the first of four planned EPs that’ll apparently come out this year. Last night, the band was on Jimmy Kimmel Live to play the new single “A Little Bit Of Love,” and they did it in the weirdest way.

“A Little Bit Of Love” is not, on the face of it, a weird song. On last night’s show, though, Weezer played it on a stage made up to look like the deep woods. Rivers Cuomo was dressed up like an elf, with a lace-front shirt and pointy ears. (He had in-ear monitors in those pointy ears; I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this before.) Also, for this performance, Weezer had a new member: A mandolinist in a bunny suit.

Nobody made any comment about the elf costume or the bunny with the mandolin, which just made the whole thing weirder. (There’s at least some chance that the bunny mandolinist was Michael Cera, who played mandolin and sang backup vocals on Weezer’s 2011 single “Hang On.”) The song itself sounded nice, and guitarist Brian Bell played some smooth melodica, but certain fashion statements made it a little harder to focus on the music. Shout out to anyone who came across this performance on television last night while high and wondered, the next morning, if they’d just fallen asleep and dreamed it. You didn’t. It was real. Watch it below.

The SZNZ: Spring EP is out now on Crush Music/Atlantic. Weezer will promote every SZNZ EP with another Kimmel performance; you have to wonder what they’ve got in store for the next one.

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