Faye – “Dream Punches”

Faye – “Dream Punches”

Last month, the Charlotte trio Faye announced their first full-length, You’re Better, which arrives six years after they released their debut EP. They introduced the album with “No Vibes,” and today they’re back with another new track called “Dream Punches,” a scurrying frenzy that descends into a satisfyingly fuzzy guitar coda.

“‘Dream Punches’ is about those awful stress dreams everyone has like…when you’re finally about to punch the bully but instead you miss and then poof all of a sudden you’re in your high school hallway naked wondering where your locker is,” the band said in a statement. “That awful feeling of not like being able to finally rise to the occasion in your dream life. I want dreams where I get that sweet satisfaction.”

Listen below.

You’re Better is out 8/12 via Self Aware Records.

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