SpiritWorld – “Moonlit Torture” (Feat. Integrity’s Dwid Hellion)

SpiritWorld – “Moonlit Torture” (Feat. Integrity’s Dwid Hellion)

Back in 2020, the Las Vegas musician Stu Folsom worked with a bunch of other musicians, including Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen, on a ferociously evil metallic hardcore album called Pagan Rhythms. That album was credited to SpiritWorld, a band that was really just Folsom’s one-man project. Since then, SpiritWorld have become more of a regular band, and they’ve started playing shows. Today, they’ve teamed up with an all-time master of ferociously evil metallic hardcore on a new single.

The new SpiritWorld rager is called “Moonlit Torture,” and it’s an epic blast of searing evilness. On the track, Folsom cranks out towering riffage, and he shares the microphone with Dwid Hellion, the longtime frontman and only consistent member of the mysterious, occult-obsessed hardcore band Integrity. They make a completely fitting pairing. “Moonlit Torture” doesn’t sound too much like Integrity, except to the extent that every metallic hardcore record sounds at least a little bit like Integrity, but it emits that same passionate darkness. It sounds fucking awesome. Listen below.

“Moonlit Torture” is out now on Century Media.

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