Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

Thanks everyone for helping us determine the Songs Of The Summer. Beyoncé and Chat Pile on a list for the first, but probably not last, time.

Bey has the #1 song in the country, but this week in 1980 it was Olivia Newton-John. R.I.P. ONJ.

See you guys in the Discord after The Rehearsal Episode 5.


Jojo Le Taker
Score: 24 | Aug 6th

Sending aid to Ukraine is a war crime? JFC.

I’m sure every President from the past 80 years has probably committed some kind of war crime, but that’s not it.

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Score: 24 | Aug 5th

Generally, I don’t like schmaltz. Generally, ballads are not my groove. But, there are those songs that are associative and take on far greater importance than the music and singing would normally take me.

This is one of those songs. When my wife and I first started dating, she often cited this song in notes that we wrote to each other at work. When I played the song to her this morning, I could see her getting the same type of emotions she had then. Apparently, she is still Amazed by me. (The feeling is mutual).

I like that the pop mix never lost all the country. I think the fiddles and steel that do bubble over enhance the overall package. I think the singing is quite good. And, while it wasn’t our “wedding song”, it was played at our wedding and I associate that time period with this song.

Yeah, It’s schmaltz. It’s Hallmarkian. But… sometimes that’s a good thing. It’s an 8.

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Score: 25 | Aug 5th

And Now For Something Completely Different: We were talking about Blink 182 on Wednesday, and I’ve always been fascinated how the band built their career on songs and videos that were goofy (and frequently naked) but their best work is often almost unbearably sad. I’m talking of course about “Adam’s Song,” which is partially a suicide note set to music, with well-observed lines that capture the fragile mindset of the suicidal teen, like “remember the time that I spilled the cup of apple juice in the hall? Please tell mom this is not her fault.” But then there’s the euphoric chorus, which seems to hold out a ray of hope in the otherwise bleak scenario.

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Score: 26 | Aug 10th


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Jojo Le Taker
Score: 30 | Aug 11th

Aw man this actually makes me feel kind of bad.

Also… rare for an artist to be so honest about this type of cancellation.

Posted in: Weezer Broadway Residency Canceled Due To Low Ticket Sales, Says Rivers Cuomo
Tron Weasley
Score: 31 | Aug 7th

I miss the thumbs down button :/

Posted in: Frank Ocean Is Selling $25k Cock Rings
Score: 36 | Aug 8th

#Justice4Magic has been a rallying cry at TNOCS ever since Tom dropped his 3 on the song. Whatever rating the song is, Olivia herself was a 10. RIP.

Posted in: Olivia Newton-John Dead At 73
Score: 38 | Aug 8th

You have to believe she was magic: a voice pure as light, a giving soul, and a healthy sense of humor about herself. I don’t think I’ve heard a bad thing said about her in public.

42 years ago this week, the #1 song was “Magic”, and the running gag at The Number Ones is that Tom gave it a 3 despite massive protests, so a hashtag was developed over there: #Justice4Magic, which we’ve rolled out at every opportunity for a couple of years now.

That’s what Livvy meant to us over just one song. But you could have applied it to much of her catalog. Such a sweet tone in her voice could elevate a lot of potentially sappy material into something to remember fondly instead.

What a fighter, too, against breast cancer. She ran out of fight, but not out of courage.

Have to believe she was magic. Rest well, with thanks from music fans for the good singles.

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Scott Lapatine
Score: 41 | Aug 6th

I know cheaper

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Gary O Stum
Score: 56 | Aug 6th

Well the important thing is that he’s doing what he loves, which is not making music and not playing shows.

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We should all thank Sonic Boom for essentially prompting Person Pitch 2. I listened to PP yesterday on a morning drive and am still so blown away by how it sounds like a different era, not even 2007. It’s huge we’re getting something that seems to be cut from the same cloth and the event is not lost on me

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