Watch Angel Olsen Sing The Hell Out Of “All The Good Times” On Fallon

Watch Angel Olsen Sing The Hell Out Of “All The Good Times” On Fallon

Anytime Angel Olsen pops up on one of these late-night shows, you need to stop whatever you’re doing immediately and watch her do what she does. Over the past decade-plus, Olsen has become one of the greatest creative forces within the whole indie rock realm, and she finds a whole different way to present herself whenever she performs for TV. Earlier this year, Olsen released Big Time, an excellent new album with an old-school country flavor. Olsen has spent the summer on the Wild Hearts Tour with Sharon Van Etten and Julien Baker, and she’s still got a few shows left on it. And last night, Olsen appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and basically turned that studio into a smoking crater in the ground.

On The Tonight Show, Olsen performed the gorgeous, magisterial Big Time single “All The Good Times.” She performed with her whole Big Time Band, a huge ensemble complete with horns and strings. She sounded incredible. Who’s her keyboard player? Because Olsen and that keyboardist hit some amazing harmonies. Olsen also pulled the awesomely corny country-music move of thanking the show and the audience mid-song, even wishing happy birthday to last night’s co-host Demi Lovato. She knows what she’s doing. Watch the performance below.

Big Time is out now on Jagjaguwar.

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