Tegan And Sara – “Faded Like A Feeling”

Tegan And Sara – “Faded Like A Feeling”

Tegan And Sara have a new album on the way, Crybaby, their tenth overall. (Their third studio album, If It Was You, just turned 20 — a productive run!) We’ve heard “Fucking Up What Matters” and “Yellow” from it so far, and today they’re back with another single, “Faded Like A Feeling.”

“It’s the Call It Off of this new album according to Sara; a simple, stripped down, emotional gut punch,” Tegan wrote in an Instagram post announcing the track, continuing:

I wrote three versions of the song before we recorded it; Sara kept pressing me to dig deeper, and what started as a love song, turned into something entirely different. In my substack this week I wrote, “…sometimes, writing about something you have isn’t half as interesting as writing about something you’ve lost.”  I lifted some of my favorite Sara lyrics from an unreleased song of hers, so it feels like a true T&S collaboration; we even sing the bridge as a duet.  While the song would have been perfect for fall, we felt like you needed to hear it sooner than that.

Watch a video for it below.

Crybaby is out 10/21 via Mom+Pop Music.

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