Lil Tjay Addresses His Shooting On New Single “Beat The Odds”

Lil Tjay Addresses His Shooting On New Single “Beat The Odds”

A couple of months ago, the 21-year-old Bronx singer and rapper Lil Tjay was shot seven times in New Jersey. Tjay survived the shooting, though he’s got a long recovery ahead of him. Earlier this week, Tjay made his first public statement since the shooting, thanking his fans and well-wishers in an Instagram video. Today, Tjay has released his new single “Beat The Odds.” It’s his first new music since the shooting, and it’s all about what it’s like to live through something like that.

“Beat The Odds” is a florid, melodic track, and it finds Lil Tjay in a contemplative mood: “Far out on that water, Father, don’t let me drown/ I can hear my grandma sayin’, ‘Don’t let me down.'” But this isn’t exactly a mature track; Tjay still indulges in the gross drill tradition of taunting his dead adversaries by name.

In the “Beat The Odds” video, we see Lil Tjay writing and recording in a hospital bed and showing his bullet scars to the camera. We also see him leaving the hospital in a wheelchair and finally getting up and walking around. You can watch it below.

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