Arctic Monkeys – “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball”

Arctic Monkeys – “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball”

Arctic Monkeys are on a roll. Just last week, the Brit-rock kings announced their new album The Car one night after debuting a new song called “I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am” at Zurich’s Openair Festival. Now, the band has quietly shared another album preview. It’s a luxurious, cinematic number called “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball,” and it’s got a music video directed by frontman Alex Turner. This is also the band’s first official single in four years.

Turner has previously described The Car as picking up where 2018’s Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino left off. Though he’s added, “On this record, sci-fi is off the table. We are back to Earth… I think we’ve got closer to a better version of a more dynamic overall sound with this record. The strings on this record come in and out of focus and that was a deliberate move and hopefully everything has its own space. There’s time the band comes to the front and then the strings come to the front.”

The strings are definitely “to the front” on “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball.” Watch and listen below.

The Car is out 10/21 on Domino.

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